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Sol Negru Pinot Grigio

Year: 2014

Region: Puhoi Ialoveni, Republic of Moldova

This Pinot Grigio has a rich exotic nose with hints of peach and honey. A long and fresh aftertaste with a rich texture and balanced taste. The straw yellow color of this Pinot Grigio signals that the wine is ready to be tasted. 

Great on its own or with seafood dishes, fish and white meat, also with grilled vegetables. 

Recommended temperature for consumption: 8°C

Vendor: Asconi
Category: White wine

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 This wine has a bright straw colour, perfectly balanced and refreshing with a distinctive fruity bouquet. The taste is full of pear and apples with warm notes of saffron, herbs and flowering acacia leaves, gently complemented by cherry. Freshness is demonstrated in the form of a light pleasant tingling on the tip of your tongue. The finish is very long with hints of ripe cheeses. This wine has a noble, quiet and balanced character. This wine is perfectly complemented by seafood as it has light acidity, fruit tones and a pleasant aroma. A successful gastronomic pair will also be obtained with a dish such as a duck with apples.


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