Welcome to Jack & The Grape Vine, a premium online wine shop based in Victoria, Australia.23.10.2016
Welcome to Jack & The Grape Vine, a premium online wine shop based in Victoria, Australia.

Hi, my name is Jack - a milk enthusiast turned wine connoisseur. 

I was raised in a small, rural town with only my mother and a cow by my side. When the cow stopped producing milk, as it was no longer an asset to us, my mother asked me to go to the market to sell it. On the way, I met a man who offered me 5 magic grapes in exchange for my cow. I was so excited that I accepted the trade straight away. When I got home, however, my mother wasn’t too happy. She tossed the grapes out of our kitchen window and I thought I would never see them again. To our amazement, during the night a gigantic grape vine grew up the side of the house. I climbed it to the top and found a magical selection of wines that I would love to share with you. 
I tasted and researched these wines extensively - ultimately finding that wines from Moldova stood out the most. My first range of hand-selected wines is exclusively from this country - an ancient gem situated between Romania and Ukraine. Their legendary black soils produce some of the greatest wines on the planet, dating back to at least 800BC. My love for Bordeaux wines has led me to this wine-growing region, as it is situated on the same latitude as Bordeaux, providing perfect conditions for grape growing. Renowned wine critic Jancis Robinson (UK) was noted saying, "There is a fresh purity of fruit here that is aching to find its way to the world's wine drinkers".             
Welcome to Jack & The Grape Vine, my personal online wine shop based in Melbourne, Victoria. We deliver interesting and boutique wines all over Australia and straight to your door.
‘Just as the man at the market granted me magic grapes, I am granting you the opportunity to appreciate the fine wine of Moldova right here at home.’ - Jack


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